Product data

IGH members make their product data available in the DataExpert®BIM and DataExpert® catalogue. DataExpert®BIM has been the new format of IGH since 2018 and DataExpert® will continue to be made available for compatibility reasons.


The DataExpert®BIM catalogue format covers all information needs of the industry with the necessary detail.

Information from the following areas is included:

  • Register (to support the search)
  • Basic article information
  • Prices and EAN numbers for different versions and packaging units
  • URLs with additional information (pictures and descriptions)
  • logistical information
  • Technical information
    according to IGH coding
    according to ETIM classification
    according to VDI3805
  • Accessories, synonyms, recipes, certificates
  • Geometry
The format is suitable for data exchange to the customers of our members but also for exchange among each other (manufacturer to trade).